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History and Features

Development and Features of Department of Electro-Optical Engineering

Focal Development Direction: At present, the department has three aspects of development directions in substance: 

Ø   Electro-Optics  Devices and Materials;

Ø   Electro-Optics Precision Measurement;

Ø   Optical Information and Communication


Development features are:

Ø   To reinforce the instruction in electro-optical system and electro-optical components, based on the premise of fitting in with industry needs

Ø   To emphasize practice, applicable planning of practical trainings, and instruction, so as to achieve teaching goals

Ø   To reinforce practical projects, so as to achieve the integrated applications of expertise and techniques


Professional capacity and features:

Domain of Electro-Optical Components and Materials: To cultivate professional capacity for semiconductor-related industries such as Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devices, Flat Panel Display, Organic Light-Emitting Devices (OLED), and LCD manufacturing process. 

Domain of Electro-Optics Precision Measurement: Our purpose is to cultivate students’ ability to use and apply measurement systems, mainly emphasizing the concept of Opto-Mechatronics to form a real-time measurement system by combining various kinds of capacities such as Optical System, electronic and computer hardware peripherals, computer software, and optical information processing. Finally, they should be capable of applying it to industries such as semiconductor, Precision Machinery, and Optoelectronics, to be system or equipment engineers.

Domain of Optical Information and Optical Communication: Our puspose is to emphasize that students can be familiar with various kinds of electro-optical techniques and signal processing applied to Optical Information and Optical Communication, to make them be able to design chips and digital circuits by means of computer. Meanwhile, they should possess the complete concept of communication system and have profound understanding. 


History of the Department

Ø   Division of Electro-Optical Engineering, Five-Year Junior College, established in 1988

Ø   Division of Electro-Optical Engineering, Two-Year College, established in 1992

Ø   Division of Electro-Optical Engineering, Two-Year Vocational College, established in 1997

Ø   Division of Electro-Optics Engineering” was changed to be “Department of Electro-Optics Engineering”

Ø   Department of Electro-Optical Engineering, Four-Year Vocational College, established in 2003

Ø   At present, our school system has Two-Year Vocational College and Four-Year Vocational College. The Five-Year Junior College has been ceased since 2003.  


History of the Graduate Institute

Ø   In the school year of 2000, the application for establishing the Graduate Institute of Electro-Optical and Materials Science additionally was proposed.  

Ø   In the school year of 2001, the Ministry of Education approved the examination. However, due to the limits in the laws regarding junior college and vocational college, the establishment of the graduate institute was not approved and then was tabled.

Ø   In the beginning of 2002, the laws had been amended by Legislative Yuan.

Ø   In April 2002, the establishment was approved officially, and student recruiting began.

Ø   In 2005, the Doctoral Program at the Graduate Institute of Electro-Optical and Materials Science was established.

In 2008, Department of Electro-Optical Engineering was combined with Graduate Institute of Electro-Optical and Materials Science