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Student’s Core Competence

The core competence our department’s students should have:

1.      To cultivate the professional capacity for special domains of optoelectronics and materials.

2.      Ability to plan and implement monographic studies.

3.      Ability to write professional theories.

4.      Ability to have innovative thinking and independent problem-solving.

5.      Ability to coordinate and integrate with personnel from different domains.

6.      Good global perspective .

7.      Ability to lead, manage and organize .

8.      Ability to have life-long self-learning and growth.


The core competence our institute’s students should have:

1.      Having the fundamental capacity for electro-optics industry and technology .

2.      Having the ability to do experiment design and implementation, as well as statistics analysis and data interpretation.

3.      Having the ability to implement the techniques and skills necessary for electro-optics practice, and use tools. 

4.      Having the capacity for optoelectronic engineering systems, devices or related manufacturing processes. 

5.      Having the ability to do division of labor, integration, effective communication and team work.

6.      Having the ability to discover, analyze and solve problems.

7.      To understand the influence of electro-optics technique on the environment, the society and the globe.

8.      Having the ability and habit of continuous learning.

9.      Having the ability to implement innovation and R&D.

10.  Having professional ethics, social responsibility, and global perspective.